May 2015 Trade Shows a Success!

Oregon Self-Storage Association

Toni really enjoyed her time at the Oregon Self-Storage Association Annual Meeting in Salem Oregon.  “The U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network was thrilled to be a sponsor and we had a great time being part of the show!” Toni expressed.

This trade show was a success with an impressive number of visits to the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network booth by both current affiliates as well as some new faces. Toni explains “This was the 2nd year I have attended the Annual Meeting and I was grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with members of the Oregon Self-Storage Association”.

Toni visited the first U-Haul Facility while in Oregon

Another highlight from the conference was the wonderful speakers, starting with the current Self-Storage Association (SSA) President, Michael Scanlon. In Oregon, he has dedicated many years to the Self-Storage Industry. There was also an Oregon Legal Update and Q & A put on by Carlos Kaslow.  Carlos was able to speak about the storage laws and clear up misconceptions for every day self-storage owners. There was also a first time speaker from G5, Kaitlyn Rogers out of Bend, OR. Kaitlyn spoke about Online Leasing: Fast-Track the Buyers Journey from Search to Lease. This topic has become more and more prevalent in the industry.  Kaitlyn asked the attendees if anyone was currently taking advantage of Online Leasing, no one raised their hand. It is a conflicting topic with a lot of opinions, the opinion of the storage owners in Oregon is that they want to be able to physically see who they are renting to when a lease is signed.

All in all the event was not only educational but it was also entertaining. Great speakers really do make a difference in a successful event.  The show has almost doubled in size and Toni looks forward to attending in future years and talking about the WebSelfStorage Business Platform.


Arizona Self-Storage Association

U-Haul Self Storage Affiliate Network was a proud sponsor of the Arizona Self-Storage Association Trade Show & Conference held May 4-6th 2015. Carly explains, “As an event sponsor, we had the opportunity to be introduced on stage”.  The week kicked off Monday with a golf tournament, that U-Haul staff members, Mike Wiram & Kyle Royer participated in.  

Something that was unique about the show was the commitment to childhood cancer that the association takes part in. They had child ambassadors from St. Baldricks Foundation, and a young girl, Hailey who shaved her head in awareness of childhood cancer. Please visit for more information.

The Arizona trade show was filled with many existing affiliates, as well as new faces. This was a wonderful event to be hosted in U-Haul's home state of Arizona!

Washington Self-Storage Association

The Washington Self-Storage Association was on Friday, May 8th.  It was a beautiful day in Seattle with lots of sunshine! It was a treat to hear What It Takes to Be World Famous, from Ryan Reese and Jake Jardine of Seattle's World Famous Pike Place Fish Market. The trade show brought people from across the state of Washington and got to meet a few people who are new to the self storage industry. 

In addition to a wonderful show, Carly got to see some tourist attractions, such as the Seattle Gum Wall, Pike Place Market, and the Ferris wheel. We look forward to a lot of success with new affiliates from this trip.