Monitor Your Online Presence: Reply to Customer Reviews

Having an online presence is important this day in age and your online reputation is unavoidable. However, how your business is represented online does not have to be out of your hands. One thing you can do to keep your online reputation in good standing is to monitor online customer reviews. While you're at it, why not take it one step further and start responding to the reviews that are left?

Monitor Your Online Presence
Using free online listings, such as Yahoo Local,, and Google Places can help to promote your business. If you are using a self-storage business platform, like WebSelfStorage, take advantage of the reservation feature and list your facility information online. Make sure to check with your provider to see if an online listing feature is available.

It is important to check your online listings regularly to ensure your business is being represented properly. It is also important to make sure business information, such as address and telephone number, is correct. Then make sure to read the customer reviews. Although reviews cannot be deleted, they are a great way to understand your customers.

Photo Credit: Business News Week

Photo Credit: Business News Week

Reply to Customer Reviews
Customer reviews reflect your facility and can help promote business. Regardless of a good or bad review make sure to always put your best face forward. Leaving a polite response will help build a relationship with your customers and drive repeat business.  

The Positive Review
Positive reviews are great free advertising for your facility. Potential customers that read a positive review are more likely to come to your facility. The purpose of responding to a positive review should always be to tell your customer how much you appreciate their business. They left a positive review; therefore they already like what you are doing. It would be inappropriate to offer incentives at this time. Instead, introduce yourself to the customer and let them know you value their input and their business.

The Negative Review
Although negative reviews can be hard to read it is important to respond to them. Ignoring a negative review does not make it go away. Put a positive light on a negative review my leaving a response. Take a deep breath and think before you type. The purpose of responding to a negative review is to show the customer that you value what they have to say. Maybe there is something you can clarify to the reviewer that will change their mind about your business. Responding to a negative review not only helps the person who left the comment, but it also shows potential tenants that you do your best to correct an issue. Still worried about responding to a negative review? Check out this article from, Handling Haters: How To Respond To Negative Online Reviews.   

If you are interested in learning more about managing your online reputation read, Managing Your Online Reputation: How to Respond to Customer Reviews, an article by The U.S Small Business Administration. Monitoring your online reputation regularly will ensure you are sending the right message to your customers. If your self-storage facility has customer reviews that are left online, get to responding!

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